NASA Future Flight exhibit wows big game fans

(Nexstar Media)

HOUSTON (NEXSTAR MEDIA) — Did you know that you can go to Houston for the Super Bowl and while you’re there, also take a trip to Mars?

NASA Future Flight exhibit
(Nexstar Media)

NASA has an exhibit open to the public this week at Super Bowl LIVE called Future Flight.

Not only is it realistic, it drops riders on the 50-yard line at NRG Stadium.

“You see all the elements,” said Tony Castilleja, who specializes in space exploration at Boeing. “You launch from earth. You see the international space station, which is currently orbiting around the earth as we talk, you see the space launch system, which is the rocket that will get you to Mars. You see all the pieces coming together.”

It took a team of hundreds across aerospace almost one year to set up the exhibit.

“We’ve gotten astronauts that have flown actually on international space stations up on the ride and they love the excitement, the thrill,” Castilleja continued. “The ‘wow’ factor of this Super Bowl is space and human space flight and Houston is at the forefront of all of that.”

Super Bowl LIVE opened Jan. 28 and continues through Sunday.

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