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  • Sean Gray

    I mostly enjoyed the show Cosmos that air on sunday nights.Dr. Tyson is a brilliant astrophysicist & scientist,the show has state of the art graphics,pictures,& animation.Very professional & educational;I must say I’ve been slightly disillusioned with the direction of the program the last few weeks.Not being overly critical or analytical but it has veered from the cosmos to anti-christian,praising figures some consider occultic or mystical.Even loudly portraying manmade global warming & promoting drastic carbon reduction as the answers to the problem.Climate constantly changes,it has,is & will continue to change but it has never been shown to be because of mankind.It is cyclic & actual data shows slight cooling last 17yrs.When tenure,research funding,& ostracizing from the scientific community fuels this concensus.Those with competing & opposing views are never heard from,never mind impeccable credentials & data.So when a otherwise excellent scientist,and show is pushing this alarmist viewpoint without experts from the otherside of the discussion is a disservice to say the least.Calling for drastic carbon reduction & taxation that will kill what’s left of the economy as well as raise power utilities on those that can hardly afford it.When science does not support it,no matter how often or loud it’s expounded upon.Only serves a political agenda rife with carbon tax schemes favoring the uber-wealthy,it shouldn’t be pushed on the children or the public at large;only if they would,ve stuck with the cosmos & provable science the show could’ve lived up to its potential.

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