TV Schedule

  • marsha

    Utopia is a horrible show..not a prude but really.. sex on the first night..nudity.. drunkass people..give me a break..crap tv…not watching..won’t last suck

  • Bob Richardson

    1st you removed dish nation, which was the only celeb current events show with any humor and a different take than every other celeb news show on at that hour.. Now you’ve removed TMZ, which again at least was unique..

    Now we have two Tyler perry shows on for a solid hour.. From the perspective of the Ad demographic I would call this programming decision questionable

  • Marty

    Please show more competitive football games. The Redskins are 1-4!!!! Showing all their games regardless of record is ridiculous!

  • Dean

    Who picks the games you air? Much better options this week

  • Dan

    Put the skins game on please….

  • Sheila Hall

    It’s 2 pm and Ali was scheduled. I believe The Wedding Date is on.

  • Dawn Lightner

    Is BONES going to be back on Fox 43 on Thursday

  • http://Foxch43Norfolk Rh Meyers

    Thank you FOX!
    Your coverage of the FIFA matches is MUCH appreciated. With soccer in an increasing amount of public schools being played, it is great to see top level play on TV. This is a hundred time more interesting to watch than golf, MLB, and the other “yawning sports” the other Norfolk channels present!!!!

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